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Approved NDIS Provider : PR-4050034021

As your trusted in-home nursing care provider, we are committed to supporting you, the Participant:

At Disability Home Nursing, we support people living with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities, as well as their families and carers. We provide holistic growth for our clients through our outstanding in-home nursing care program. Our participants come from diverse backgrounds and live throughout the VIC.
At Disability Home Nursing, we develop innovative independence programs with the people we support, which foster greater autonomy and nurture community engagement.
At Disability Home Nursing, you are getting the best home nursing care you deserve!

When you become a client of our home care and nursing services, you can expect:
- To be treated with dignity and respect through our home nursing care services;
- Us to be tolerant of any diversity and be welcoming and inclusive;
- To experience a high care nursing home and inclusive team approach and working environments;
- To feel that you belong with our home care nursing and are a valued individual who can reach your full potential;
- To be communicated with regularly; and
- To be linked to the services that we are unable to provide ourselves.

why choose us

With our nursing home care services, your wellbeing is our priority!

We place a lot of emphasis in the quality of the nursing home care services we provide. Our goal is identical with the goal of our clients and their carers which is to receive the care they need so they can remain independent, continue to enjoy their individual lifestyle, maintain their social, community and religious activities and enhance their personal wellbeing. Experience all that in the confines of our safe and secured aged care nursing home.

Moreover, we also offer private nursing care in your own home. We understand and view all our clients’ choices as valid and relevant. Getting private nursing care at home can help them in living life more independently. DHN offers affordable private nursing care costs at home without affecting the quality of our services.

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Commitment To Quality

Our commitment to offering a quality service is articulated in our Welcome Information Package. DHN is in the NDIS Register within the section of NDIS Service Provider list. We completed the NDIS Service Provider Registration to be able to offer quality support services. Moreover, we offer consumers the opportunity to provide feedback to us using a range of methods – email, phone, online form and paper formats. As a registered NDIS Service Provider, DHN is committed to give quality care with compassion.
Our High Care Nursing Home fees are affordable yet high in quality services. Here in DHN, we do our home care nursing job with confidence, competence, and compassion.

Community Integration

We are committed to including and improving access for Aboriginal people and follow the guidance set out to work with and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Understanding Rights

As a person with a disability and/or a consumer of a disability service you have Rights to find NDIS providers that are capable and competent, as well as Choice & Control over the services you receive. We, as a registered NDIS PRovider, can assist and empower you to exercise your consumer rights to receive the best NDIS approved support services in Australia.


How To Access Support


Completing referral form or directly contacting us

intake assessment to identify

Sign service agreement

Build a Personalized Support Plan

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