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Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Many NDIS participants require support in performing daily tasks due to their physical impairment. This support is provided under “daily tasks/shared living” support service which is also known as Supported Independent Living (SIL). The support workers assist with and/or supervise the tasks that you carry out in your daily life with the goal to build your skills to live as autonomously as possible.

The necessary assistance is provided at the place of residence of the NDIS participant which can be their own home, family home, rental accommodation or Special Disability Accommodation (SDA).

The level of support and funding covered under the NDIS plan depends on the needs of the disabled people. Currently, there are 3 levels which are mentioned below:

  • Lower needs – Regular supervision of living arrangements.
  • Standard needs – 24/7 support including active assistance and/or supervision of most daily tasks.
  • Higher needs – continual active assistance with all daily tasks and management of complex medical needs. It also includes overnight care.

Our support workers can provide care as well as behaviour support to patients with complex medical conditions. We will help you make a smooth transition to the NDIS.

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